Best Jobs for Moms Returning to Work: Updated for 2023

Even though most people have access to a high quality camera through their smart phones, photographers are still very much in demand. Professional photographers are required for special occasions (weddings, portraits, maternity) and are compensated well for their services. Taking stock photos offers another opportunity for a photographer to earn money.

Proofreaders review word documents to check their grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other typographical errors. It’s a great way for stay at home moms to make money from home if they love to read. Between completing household chores, taking care of the children, and many other errands and tasks, it might seem impossible to find time to find a stay at home mom job. Whether you want to provide care for an extra kid in your home, test out your skills as a freelancer or teach English online, there’s a job out there for you. Freelance content marketers can earn on average $24.00 per hour.

Make Money Proofreading

I recommend signing up for only Survey Junkie,  Swagbucks, and PrizeRebel. You can also check out and your local FB mom groups for opportunities to grow your business. For this job, it would be good to have someone who could watch the kids while you’re in client meetings and shopping for clients.

best remote jobs for moms

If we have poor internet connection, we aren’t able to log onto the programs our online job demands. That’s why a person like yourself can transcribe away in your home. People need transcriptions for interviews, reports, and fact-checking, so you’d work in various industries.

Finding opportunities for work at home at home moms

However, there are many companies that hire moms returning to work. Below, we have listed some of the top companies that hire moms and are known for having inclusive and supportive policies to meet their needs. Some employers still discriminate against stay-at-home moms. A Harvard Business Review in 2018 discovered that moms planning to return to work are half as likely to get a job interview. According to the review, it’s tougher for moms who have stayed out of the workforce for a while. Like writing, proofreading can be done from anywhere—at home, a coffee shop, or the park.

30 Fully Remote Jobs You Can Apply for in November 2023 –

30 Fully Remote Jobs You Can Apply for in November 2023.

Posted: Fri, 03 Nov 2023 12:30:50 GMT [source]

Some sites to check out are TranscribeMe, Capital Typing, CastingWords, GMR Transcription, the list goes on! You will usually have to do a typing test before you are hired. Companies will pay you to test website because they want to make sure that their customers are happy, and get feedback from their sites or apps. You can be in charge of their marketing, depending on what you think would work well for them.

Elevate your career.

You’re responsible for each child’s safety, meals, hygiene and wellbeing while they are in your care. It takes time and practice to become an expert in SEO, so if you’re new at it, you’ll need a significant amount of training. When someone clicks on an affiliate link within your content (a blog or video), and makes a purchase, you receive a commission from the sale — this is considered passive income. The average freelance writer rate per-hour is $22.74, but many freelancers make upwards of $50 per hour. The normal fee each month would be $14.95 a month but it’s less using my code.

  • A career in marketing is a solid career choice for moms looking for potential job growth and career development.
  • As with the others, you create a profile and then apply for jobs.
  • But some of these moms return because they run out of paid medical leave and risk losing their jobs or need the income to alleviate financial stress.
  • Companies are often looking for people with a degree in communications or related experience, plus knowledge about analytics and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • So you need to know what is expected of you for any work-at-home jobs that come your way.
  • The best work-from-home jobs for moms vary from parent to parent.

But some of these moms return because they run out of paid medical leave and risk losing their jobs or need the income to alleviate financial stress. And if all single mom jobs from home were fully remote, they wouldn’t have a partner to help them with at-home responsibilities. Daycare and childcare can be expensive, so finding a job that let’s you work when you can — like during nap time or after dinner — will increase your work-from-home opportunities.

Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed. Many stay-at-home parents work diligently on their own fitness to stay in shape. Remote roles in fitness and mental health can be an ideal way to help others live a healthier lifestyle while keeping your own health journey on track. It’s tough to balance our family and our professional career, so asking for help is something we need to become comfortable doing.

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